Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A scarf & bag story

It looks different and it feels different.  Not in an unusual way but there is a, for want of a better word, a 'life force' in the fabric of these silk scarves and bags from Eastern Weft.

Handwoven on rosewood looms in Laos by master weavers. They survived by selling these hand-dyed scarves in a Vientiane market stall until their discovery by a Laos-born Sydney woman. Each scarf is from a lot of only 30 metres.  The dyes are from soils, pomegranates or dried lillipilly even odd bits of iron.. whatever items from the land around them will bear a colour.

What you can't see here is the way they feel.  The scarves have beads woven through the silk almost like a story in braille.  The bags have textures of materials that come from an artful mix of fabrics.  For those who love to feel fabrics, touch materials, this is one item to give you a genuine thrill.

P.S. If any of this looks familiar...Sass & Bide are supporters of Eastern Weft's fabrics