Friday, July 22, 2011

Something Else - The Castaway Short Film

The short film is now the preferred method of delivering a labels' influences and imagery for each collection and here's a beautiful version from Something Else.  Here are their notes

" 'Castaway' - a debut short film directed by Lorin Askill to celebrate the launch of the Something Else Spring 2011 collection - Castaway. Lorin Askill is a talented Sydney based director who works in Australia and overseas.

Dishevelled and washed upon the shore, in her quest to explore new lands, the character becomes a vagabond on higher ground - living a carefree existence.

Creative Director of Something Else, Natalie Wood, also aimed for the film to have an 'other world' sensibility and level of unease. Together Natalie and Lorin beautifully create a feeling of strange isolation and underlying dislocation within the everyday."

Click on their site to view the film

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